Apparatus for chromatography HPLC and GPC/SEC
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Optymalizacja - DryLab

Improved Method Quality

The increasing demand for Quality by Design (QbD) in analytical sciences is a logical consequence of the often chaotic and trial-and-error approaches to HPLC method development. To ensure a higher standard of method quality, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has recently demanded more systematic "Design of Experiments."

The Molnár-Institute has been supporting this type of approach for more than 20 years. We contributed to the development of DryLab® software in collaboration with LC Resources Inc. under the leadership of Lloyd R. Snyder. DryLab guides the method development process by accurately preparing experiments and modeling changes to variables to quickly achieve useful and reproducible results. PeakMatch ensures safe and precise data entry into DryLab®.

All software packages support the user by ensuring an organized and systematic approach to modeling HPLC experiments. The software enhances the understanding of how the substances are really behaving and, thus, furthers the success of your chromatographic work.


Method Improvement with DryLab Design Space

The figure below shows a three-dimensional resolution cube (top right side) of a Design Space (DS) with three factors: gradient time (tG) (x-axis), temperature (T) (z-axis), and ternary composition (y-axis). The front page of the cube is shown on the top left. Red indicates robust regions, and blue shows poor separation zones.