Apparatus for chromatography HPLC and GPC/SEC

System do frakcjonowania w polu sił przepływu (FFFF)

Eclipse DualTec

Unprecedented productivity, and flexibility for separating proteins, polymers, colloids and nanoparticles. The Eclipse® DualTec supports both Hollow-Fiber Flow-FFF (HF5) and Asymmetric Flow FFF (AF4) in one instrument. Utilizing one HPLC stack and one set of Wyatt detectors, the DualTec read more

Eclipse AF4

A versatile system for separating macromolecules, proteins, colloids, and nanoparticles. The Eclipse® AF4 is optimal for all standard asymmetric-flow field-flow fractionation (AF4) separations as well as fritless channels and semi-preparative AF4. Combined with industry-leading HPLC read more


Multi-dimensional fractionation of macromolecules, proteins, colloids, and nanoparticles. The Mobility™ works with an Eclipse Dualtec or Eclipse AF4 to perform electrical asymmetric-flow field-flow fractionation, separating particles by size and charge. Więcej informacji read more