Aparatura do chromatografii HPLC oraz GPC/SEC

Detektory dynamicznego, statycznego (DLS/SLS) i elektroforetycznego rozpraszania światła (ELS)

DynaPro Plate Reader III

High-throughput, automated dynamic light scattering. The DynaPro Plate Reader III provides unparalleled levels of productivity and flexibility for the most demanding nanoparticle sizing and protein aggregation tasks such as biotherapeutic formulation, screening of promiscuous inhibitors, and czytaj więcej

DynaPro NanoStar

DynaPro NanoStar Traditional dynamic light scattering, just better. The DynaPro NanoStar operates in traditional microcuvette-based format to analyze sizes and size distributions of proteins, micelles, quantum dots, liposomes, and metallic nanoparticles. It uniquely combines two optimized czytaj więcej


Automated electrophoretic mobility measurements of proteins and nanoparticles, in all types of solvents. The Möbiuζ connects to an autosampler to make reliable, reproducible, and non-destructive electrophoretic mobility measurements of macromolecules as small as 1 nm in radius, as czytaj więcej