Aparatura do chromatografii HPLC oraz GPC/SEC
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Stoły pod aparaturę - mobilne, z możliwością regulacji wysokości

The IonBench Liftable Tables are mobile adjustable LC benches that allow moving your Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 System to other areas of a lab, specifically to minimize tubing lengths between LC and a mass spectrometer.

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Version TH4555 for UltiMate 3000 systems containing a WPS autosampler.
Version TH6765 for UltiMate 3000 systems containing an OAS autosampler. For rigidity reasons, the OAS table can be screwed to the IonBench table board.
Easy adjustment of the work surface height by pressing the up or down button.
Storing of up to three height positions.

The picture below is a simulation (at scale) of the Dionex Ultimate 3000 HPLC system on the LC Ionbench table.
The IonBench LC table allows you to lift up or down easily your UHPLC (by commuting an electrical switch), for a convenient access to the top of your Dionex Ultimate 3000 HPLC.

Manufacturer: Ionbench
Dimensions (cm - w x d x h): 55 x 65 x [57...87]
Dimensions (inch - w x d x h): 21.65 x 25.59 x [22.4 ... 34.3]
Weight: 22 kg / 48.5 lbs
Weight capacity: 150 kg / 330 lbs
Manufacturer: DIONEX
Dimensions (cm - w x d x h): 42 x 51 x 94
Dimensions (inch - w x d x h): 16.5 x 20 x 37

Size and weight of the LC system depends on the number and type of modules included. Most Dionex ULTIMATE 3000
Series modules are approximately 42 cm (16.5 in) wide and 51 cm (20 in) deep.
6040.2001 TH4555, for WPS systems, 220 V Europe
6040.2004 TH6765, for OAS systems, 220 V Europe