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CMA 450 Temperature Controller for rat and for mouse

  • Precise temperature control, accuracy of ±0.2 °C
  • Automatic protection against overheating
  • Flexible rectal probe
  • No electrical noise

The CMA 450 Temperature Controller monitors and regulates the body temperature of small animals under anesthesia. The control unit displays actual temperature measured by a rectal thermometer and regulates power to the heating pad which warms the animal. The temperature variation from a preset value lies within a range of ±0.2 °C. The controller can maintain body temperatures from +34 to +43 °C. The dimensions of the heating pad are 200 x 120 mm. The Temperature Controller is available in two versions. One is suitable for rats and guinea pigs with rectal probe ø 2 mm, and one is suitable for mice and hamsters with rectal probe ø 1.3 mm. The rectal probes are of flexible material that is gentle to the animal.

The instrument does not produce electrical noise not to disturb other sensitive instruments.

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Ordering information for CMA 450

CMA 450 Temperature Controller includes:

Heating Pad and Rectal Probe

Ref. No.
800 3760 CMA 450 Temperature Controller for rat
800 3770 CMA 450 Temperature Controller for mouse



Ref. No.
800 3761 CMA 450 Rectal Probe for rat
800 3762 CMA 450 Rectal Probe for mouse
800 3763 CMA 450 Heating Pad
800 3764 CMA 450 Insulation Pad