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QLA Dissolution Accessories

A complete line of dissolution consumables and accessories engineered and manufactured to the precise specifications of machine manufacturers and the USP. Their experienced engineering staff and manufacturing facility produce the highest quality products that are standards in the industry. They also solve unique lab problems with innovative designs and common sense solutions.

Vessels & Covers

QLA Dissolution Vessels comply with both USP (711) and the Original Equipment Manufacturer's dimensional specifications. This is extremely important because the vessels associated with various
dissolution baths are not dimensionally the same. Replacing a vessel with one not specifically czytaj więcej

Standard and low loss Vessel Covers

Standard and low loss Vessel Covers are available for most dissolution baths. Cover styles include all common one piece and hinged covers, as well as a unique, QLA rotary configuration. Industry standard openings are provided to accommodate standard cannula and stoppers. All QLA vessel covers czytaj więcej

Baskets & Basket Shafts

QLA offers both clip on style and O-ring style Baskets for most dissolution baths. Both meet the associated Original Equipment Manufacturer's dimensional specifications. Clip style baskets comply with USP (711)specifications. All QLA baskets are made from electropolished, sintered 316 czytaj więcej

Basket Shafts

QLA Basket Shafts are manufactured from electropolished 316 Stainless Steel. Clip on style and O-ring style shafts are available for most dissolution instruments. O-ring style shafts comply with Original Equipment Manufacturer's dimensional specifications and are guaranteed to properly czytaj więcej

Paddles & Spin Shaft Accessories

QLA offers electropolished 316 Stainless Steel paddles, PTFE coated over 316 SS paddles, and proprietary fluoropolymer paddles (Patent Pending). The fluoropolymer paddles provide a seamless construction eliminating corrosion and contamination encountered with conventional three-piece assemblies. czytaj więcej

Spin Shaft Accessories

This configuration permits a quick, convenient change between Paddle and Basket methods without the need to reset shaft height. These two piece Paddle/Basket shafts separate above the media to prevent potential contamination. A variety of different shaft heights, basket shafts and paddles are czytaj więcej

Capsule Sinkers

QLA offers the most extensive selection of tablet and capsule sinkers available from a single source. Their family of sinkers includes most configurations currently in use worldwide, including helical style, basket style, three-prong style and others. They have sinker charts, standard capsule czytaj więcej

Sampling Cannula, Cannula Stoppers and Filters

A wide variety of industry standard cannula configurations and unique, proprietary QLA configurations are available for most manual and automated sampling applications. Numerous manual sampling cannula are manufactured in both electropolished 316 Stainless Steel or PEEK. Optional stoppers set czytaj więcej

Cannula Filters

Cannula Filters for most sampling methods are available in numerous micron ratings. These filters are made from inert, high-density polyethylene. All QLA filters have been specifically formulated to provide the specified micron ratings. All formulations have been verified by Porisometer Testing. czytaj więcej