Aparatura do chromatografii HPLC oraz GPC/SEC

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Microsyringes 1, 2.5, 5 and 10 mL are available. The Microsyringes are glass syringes with piston stroke 60 mm. Syringe Needles are pretreated to reduce degradation of labile molecules, such as catecholamines and their metabolites during a microdalysis experiment. czytaj więcej

Syringe Clip

Syringe Clip enables withdrawal of liquids with the CMA 400 and the CMA 402 Syringe Pumps. The clip fastens the syringe plunger to the carriage of the pump. czytaj więcej

Micro T

The Micro T is a three way connector. Connected to the syringe in the CMA 402 Syringe Pump and a Microdialysis probe, two different perfusion fluids can be changed, even gradually, without introducing air bubbles into the system. Two inlet channels run parallel to each other all the way to czytaj więcej

Perfusion Fluid

PERFUSION FLUID CNS CONTENTS Perfusion Fluid is a sterile, isotonic fluid especially developed for Microdialysis use.
It is conveniently packed in glass ampoules, 5 mL, ready to use.
Perfusion Fluid CNS for studies in brain tissue. PERFUSION FLUID T1 CONTENTS Perfusion czytaj więcej