Apparatus for chromatography HPLC and GPC/SEC
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Interchim HPLC Columns


Uptisphere® ODB and HDO were Interchim's first stationary phases. They are referenced in a multitude of HPLC analytical methods throughout the pharmaceutical sector and beyond. Interchim's initial manufacturing directive was to establish consistent column to column reproducibility - through an intensive management of stationary phase production, the packing process and column hardware.

Columns: C18, HSC, ODB, HDO, NEC, TF, C8, C4, MM1, PLP, CN, PH, DNAP, OH, SI, NH2, SCX, SSX, SAX.


Uptisphere Strategy

Strategy columns redefine the boundaries for high throughput analysis by maximizing resolution without sacrificing speed. The enhanced performance and low back pressure is a result of phase features, a revolutionary packing process and the cylindrical pore structure of the base silica.
The well hydroxylated surface and high surface area (425m2/g) maximizes the loading capacity and provides excellent pH stability from 1 to 10.

Columns: C18-2, C18-3, RP, NEC, PLP, PRO, RPX, C8-2, HILIC, SI, NH2, 1.7 and 2.2µm.


Uptisphere Bio

Uptisphere® BioP I & BioP II as well as Uptisphere 300A series are Interchim's proprietary stationary phases to serve bio-analysis /DMPK Lab requirement. They achieve excellent analysis for crude samples without the risk of contaminating the column head or clogging and subsequently maintain a longer column life.

Columns: BioP, & BioP II300A series.