Apparatus for chromatography HPLC and GPC/SEC

Thermo Scientific

HPLC Bio Columns

Biological separations often require unique chemistry to provide high resolution, high efficiency separations. Dionex offers a variety of columns for proteins, peptides, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and more. Protein Columns Dionex offers polymer-based columns for the separation of read more

HPLC columns

Thermo Fisher Scientific manufactures innovative separation materials for a wide range of applications in a global marketplace. As a result, Polygen Sp. z o.o. offer a broad choice of quality HPLC columns from Thermo Scientific to meet your application needs. These include the Accucore read more

GC columns

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a range of novel and innovative GC columns to meet the changing and challenging needs of today’s analyses in markets such as envirommental, food safety, petrochemical and forensics. Thermo Scientific* TraceGOLD* GC columns are a leap forward in GC column read more

SPE columns

Solid Phase Extraction Columns A range of versatile, high quality SPE solutions for rapid, effective and targeted sample preparation. The highly reproducible and efficient phases provide consistently high recoveries, free from contaminants and impurities. SOLA | HyperSEPSERVO+ | HyperSEP read more