Apparatus for chromatography HPLC and GPC/SEC


From stand alone modules to Prep-HPLC and Lab Scale Flash, Interchim offers the most comprehensive purification product line. The PuriFlash One Series is a modular offering of pumps, detectors and collectors with independent control or bundled together to create a complete system. The PuriFlash Instrument series is a complete system offering from laboratory scale to large scale production. The PuriFlash PF450, PF4100 and PF4250 instruments are suitable for use with preparative HPLC columns and UPFP flash cartridges.

All PuriFlash instruments use HPLC pumps which are virtually maintenance free and provide many years of continuous service. The pumps are specifically designed for Prep-HPLC and ideal for Flash chromatography. The modular design of the PuriFlash product line allows for upgrading to a different pump, detector or collector at any time.


Choose the set that best suits your needs

Flash purification systems

puriFlash®XS 520 Plus

Small but mighty
300 ml/min
@ up to 20 bar

puriFlash® 5.020

The Partner of Daily Challenges
300 ml/min
@ up to 20 bar

puriFlash® 5.020-5X

300 ml/mi
@ up to 20 bar

puriFlash® 5.050

Cross-over Flash /Prep
250 ml/min
@ up to 50 bar

puriFlash® 5.007

Process - Kilo-Lab
750 ml/min
@ up to 7 bar

Preparative purification systems


Complex Purifications
with Confidence
250 ml/min @ up to 125 bar


Small but limitless
250 ml/min @ up to 250 bar


The Ultra-Purification
125 ml/min @ up to 400 bar

Peptides or oligonucleotides purification systems


The Peptides Specialist
250 ml/min @ up to 125 bar


Purification of Complex Mixtures of Peptides
125 ml/min @ up to 250 bar