Apparatus for chromatography HPLC and GPC/SEC
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HPLC columns


High performance liquid chromatography columns containing solid core particles with a porous outer layer that enables high speed, high efficiency separations at low backpressures. A broad choice of quality HPLC columns, premium phases and innovative hardware designs are available to meet your application needs. In addition to the 2.6 µm particle, Accucore is now available in a 4 µm particle size and with a 150 Å pore size.

Columns: RP-MS, C8, C18, C30, aQ, Polar Premium, HILIC, Urea-HILIC, PFP, PhenylHexyl, Phenyl-X, XL-C8, XL-C18, 150-C4, 150-C18, 150-Amide-HILIC.



Acclaim columns are based on high-purity, porous silica particles with advanced and innovative column bonding technologies. This provides complementary selectivity, high column efficiencies and symmetrical peaks. Acclaim columns meet the high standards set by modern HPLC and LC-MS methods and are used as pharmaceutical, environmental, food and bevarage, chemical and consumer products.

Phases available include reversed phase, HILIC and mixed mode with speciality phases also available for specific methods. Some are also available in 2.2 µm particle sizes for Rapid Separation Liquid Chromatography (RSLC). These particles generate 25-50% less back-pressure compared to sub-2 µm columns making them compatible with both standard and UHPLC instruments.

Columns: 120 C-18, 120 C8, Phenyl-1, C30, PolarAdvantage, PolarAdvantage II, HILIC-10, WAX-1, WCX-1, HILIC-1, Trinity P1, SEC

Speciality Columns: Organic acid, Surfactant, Explosives, Carbamate, Carbonyl.



Columns offer a broad range of applicability including acidic, basic and neutral compounds. BetaBasic packings are highly base deactivated with chemistries bonded to a high purity supporting spherical silica. The BetaBasic family of packings is very stable and offers reproducibility at high and low pH extremes. The pH stability of the BetaBasic 18 phase has become one of the most popular features associated with this packing. This makes it particularly useful for LC/MS applications that employ Atmospheric Chemical Ionisation (APCI) Interface at high pH for the analysis of basic compounds in their neutral form.

Columns: C-18, C8, C4, CN, Phenyl.




Columns are available in reversed phase, ion exchange and size exclusion phases for all your biomolecule separation needs. This range includes C18, C8 and C4 for the separation of proteins and peptides as well as AX and SCX for ion exchange separation of proteins, peptides and other ionic/polar species.

Columns: C18, C8, C4, CN, Phenyl, AX, SCX, SEC 60, SEC 120, SEC 300, SEC 1000.



Hypersil BDS

Since their introduction in 1989, Thermo Scientific Hypersil BDS columns have gained a reputation as one of the most robust, reproducible and reliable HPLC columns available. Based on highly base deactivated silica with endcapping, Hypersil™ BDS columns exhibit the following key features, separation after separation

  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Reduced tailing
  • Very robust and rugged with long column lifetimes
  • Excellent peak symmetry for basic and acid compounds

Hypersil BDS columns are available in four bonded phases. All Hypersil BDS columns, the base deactivation procedure and endcapping process minimize peak tailing, even for basic drugs.
Each Hypersil BDS column comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Columns: C18, C8, Phenyl, Cyano.



Hypersil GOLD

Hypersil GOLD HPLC columns are available in 12 different chemistries to optimize separations and maximize productivity. The expanded range of Hypersil GOLD columns offers chromatographers outstanding peak shape for reversed phase, ion exchange, HILIC or normal phase chromatography. With all 12 phases being available with 1.9 μm particle size, the expanded range of Hypersil GOLD columns offers chromatographers even more flexibility in choosing the correct column, whether they are using conventional or ultra-high pressure LC systems.

Columns: C18, C8, C4, aQ, PF, Phenyl, CN, Amino, AX, SAX, Silica, HILIC.




When developing a new method, one of the most important goals for the chromatographer is to achieve a consistent, reproducible separation. The selection of a highly reproducible HPLC column is essential if this goal is to be attained.

Syncronis columns achieve this goal through:

  • Highly pure, high surface area silica
  • Dense bonding and double endcapping
  • Stringent manufacturing and testing protocols - manufactured, packaged and tested in ISO9000 accredited facilities

Columns: C18, C8, aQ, Phenyl, Amino, Silica, HILIC.




The unique Hypercarb columns (link – plik Kolumny/Thermo/hypercarb.pdf)give enhanced retention of polar compounds, can separate structurally related analytes, and are exceptional stable at pH extremes and high temperatures.



HyperREZ™ XP Carbohydrate columns are based on a monodisperse resin with a 4 or 8% divinylbenzene content and provide an ideal medium for the analysis of carbohydrates and organic acids. Unlike silica based columns they are stable at low pH, allowing the use of dilute acid as a mobile phase.




Based on highly-pure silica, HyPURITY columns offer an excellent choice for new method development.

The 190Å pore size of HyPURITY columns provides extensive chromatographic options from small molecules to large peptide analyses.

Columns: C18, C8, AQUASTAR.