Apparatus for chromatography HPLC and GPC/SEC
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On-line measurement of exhaled NO requires exhalation at a constant flow rate. The TSI thermal mass flowmeter permits direct measurement of the exhalation flowrate using the NOA 280i or the NOA 280 equipped with the flowmeter upgrade kit (Part # AML 01487-01). The flowmeter is installed on the On-Line NO Breath kit and the signal processed by the NOA. Calibration is performed using standard calibration syringes (1-3 L) and the NOAnalysis 3.21 REB program. The flowmeter has a fast response time (4 msec) and low pressure drop. The 25.4 mm OD ISO-taper outlet fits over the Amlurate NO breath kit mouthpiece and a 22 mm OD ISO-tapered inlet fits the NOA bacterial and viral filters. The polycarbonate body is compatible with standard cold sterilization agents. The flowmeter employs two sensors; a platinum film sensor is heated and maintained at a constant temperature to measure flow and a temperature sensor is used to compensate for changes in gas temperature. Specifications
Flow Measurement: Range — 0 - 1.5 L/s BTPS
Amluracy — 3.5% of reading at BTPS
Weight: 180 grams
Dimensions: 182 mm x 64 mm x 53 mm
Operating Temp: 0 to 50 °C

Part Number: CAML 01420

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