Apparatus for chromatography HPLC and GPC/SEC
Chromatography Data System - Chromeleon
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Chromeleon 7

Streamline your workflow
The Chromeleon 7 eWorkflow framework minimizes operator tasks between sample receipt and generation of the final results, dramatically increasing lab productivity. Choose an eWorkflow, select an available instrument, enter the number of samples and start the analysis. The eWorkflow automatically creates the sequence, starts the run, and ensures that data are processed and reported correctly, minimizing user error and reducing review time.

Gain Instrument Control
All your UltiMate 3000 systems and other systems can be controlled through customizable ePanels, providing access to all instrument control features; Entering basic instrument parameters, like flow, temperature and detector wavelengths or more advances features, like monitoring the instruments wellness parameters. With all your instruments in the lab always readily available in just one click instrument control has never been easier.

Speed Up Data Analysis
Peak detection can be a major decision area in data analysis. For the challenge of unresolved peaks, the unique and intuitive SmartPeaks Integration Assistant gives you the baseline you want. Simply select a region of the chromatogram and choose the integration treatment you want. No training is required, so everyone can immediately integrate complex chromatograms. SmartPeaks saves time and effort and moves you quickly to your integration goals.

Chromeleon Tips and Tricks
Dionex offers short clips that provide tips on how to get the most from Chromeleon. Some great examples are

Creating a Summary Trend Report

How to find a Chromeleon Formula

Changing the Channel in a Miniplot

Converting an HPLC method to UHPLC